Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More randoms

Sorry, I'm not really thinking in complete strings lately.

Class: Spring semester started last week and I'm already sick of school. In a way, I like the busyness it brings. I don't do well with too much idle time. My statistics class is very small -- just nine students, and only about six who show up on a regular basis. Policy analysis is a little larger, but somehow my name was one of the five he remembered from our round-the-circle introduction session. As a result, I've been called on no less than 10 times. That's probably the only reason I've been able to stay awake.

Obama: I love him and I really want him to win the Democratic nod. I was so excited to vote and watch the results on "Super Tuesday," and then disappointed this morning to find out that yesterday's mass of primaries did nothing in terms of declaring a frontrunner. This is going to be a really exciting race.

Giants: They won the Superbowl! (Of course, you already know this, but I don't care). It was really fun to actually have a team to root for in the big game. I watched with Tiffany -- an avid Pats fan, who's still sore about the loss -- and we vegged out on lots of junky but tasty food.

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